Friday, September 5, 2014

100 Days of Drawing Day: 1

Last week my wife challenged me to do a "100 Days of Doodling" challenge, which I really liked the idea of....unfortunately everyone I said that too said pretty much the same thing, asking me if I was going to draw 100 dicks. So after a rethink, we settled on the name: 100 Days of Drawing instead. My wife is joining me on this too, which is cool. Everyday I'm going to post up a new drawing, most of the time they'll just be quick sketches in different mediums and I'll see what else I can whip up as well. I'm looking forward to the challenge actually, should be fun! As per usual, I'll be posting it all on my social media pages:
Instagram= mr_brinks

Ok, so here's day 1, which is a cover page I did for the brand new sketch book I bought just for this challenge:



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